About Heron Talent

We help people and businesses grow. Founded in 2016, Heron Talent grew from the worldwide need for highly-skilled digital professionals. We specialize in helping brands grow by pushing beyond borders in our search for the best digital talent in the world.

“Attracting skilled talent has become the biggest constraint to organizational growth. Companies who look beyond their borders are not only likely to grow faster, but are also more innovative thanks to globally diverse teams.”

- Jan Luukkonen, CEO

Our values

We deliver value that makes a difference to individuals, teams and organizations. That means doing things better.

  • Ambitious: We are driven by quality and the strong desire to do things differently.
  • Curious: We have a genuine interest in people and are constantly questioning the things around us in order to progress.
  • Humility: We value openness, honesty and the need for continual improvement.
  • Innovation: Constantly exploring and leveraging the latest technology to drive better outcomes

Meet our team


Jan Luukkonen


With over ten years of experience in the digital sector as a Sales and Business Leader, Jan understands the digital landscape. Having worked as a Sales and Strategy Executive in leading global digital agencies such as Fjord–Accenture and Idean–CapGemini, Jan developed a knack for spotting people with the skills to build great teams.

“My own past experiences with recruiters had not been great. I'd always wondered why recruiters couldn't answer basic questions or contact me for roles that did not match my experience. When I started Heron Talent, I was committed to creating a recruitment process that would make sense if I were the candidate“.


Abe Silvennoinen

Director of Marketing

A visionary in the realm of AI-driven marketing, Abe has been at the forefront of reimagining executive talent attraction and elevating candidate experiences for the new digital era.

"Creating genuine attraction in the modern digital marketplace demands a harmonious blend of technology and creativity. Currently, my focus is on harnessing the power of automation and generative AI to craft marketing strategies that resonate and engage on a grand scale. At Heron Talent, it's not merely about matching the right fit for a role; it's about curating experiences that leave a lasting impression."