About us

How we work

Our relentless goal is to provide better recruiting experiences for our clients and candidates. Based directly on our years of experience in the digital field, we know exactly the most effective ways to source, screen, interview, and recommend the best candidates for you. 

Our clients are large international and leading growth companies across a range of industries and regions, and our candidates are the top talent in their field. 

Meet CEO Jan Luukkonen

The founder of Heron Talent, Jan Luukkonen, has more than 10 years of experience working in the digital business sector. Before founding Heron, Jan held sales and strategy executive positions in leading global digital agencies Fjord–Accenture and Idean–CapGemini. During this period, he was the most successful sales and business development leader in both these organizations, and has been privileged to work with some of the most exciting and innovative brands and colleagues across the globe.

As Jan puts it, “Some years ago I decided to find a new reason to wake up in the morning!”. And, almost by accident, his path led to recruiting.

He tells the story this way: “My own past experiences with recruiters had not been great. I always wondered why recruiters were not able to answer basic questions about the job opportunities they were contacting me about, or why they reached out to me for roles that did not really match my experience. When I started Heron, I was committed to creating a recruiting process that would make sense to me if I were the candidate”.