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The Nordic Dilemma - Should Top Talent Get Special Treatment, or Does That Go Against Equality Values?

Explore the nuanced debate in Nordic corporate realms, where rewarding top talent meets the cultural ethos of equality. Dive into the arguments for and against performance-based compensations and join the discussion through our LinkedIn poll.


Reimagining Consulting's Growth Engine: Outsourced vs. In-House SDRs - Part 4/4

Explore the advantages and challenges of Outsourced vs. In-House Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) in consulting. Learn from industry trends backed by Gartner and McKinsey & Company to make an informed decision.


Reimagining Consulting's Growth Engine: Challenges of Transitioning - Part 3/4

Uncover the hurdles and complexities of transitioning to a sales development model in consulting. Topics include initial investment, talent retention, and integration of sales and marketing.


Reimagining Consulting's Growth Engine: Traditional vs. Sales Development Models - Part 2/4

Dive into comparing traditional and sales development models in the consulting industry. Understand the role of Sales Development Representatives and Sales Executives in modern consulting firms.


Reimagining Consulting's Growth Engine: Feasibility of Sales Development Models - Part 1/4

Explore the benefits and practicality of applying sales development models from the SaaS industry to consulting businesses. Learn about scalability, specialization, and better pipeline management.


Riding the Waves of Change in the Job Market (Don’t Worry, We’ve Got You!)

Change is brewing in the job market, but don't fear - Heron Talent is here to help you navigate uncertain waters. Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and stand out.


Insights from Our Pan-European All-Remote Web3 Recruitment Journey for Sales Executives

Discover how Heron Talent successfully recruited all-remote Web3 sales executives across Europe for a leading technology solutions provider, and learn the innovative strategies that drove success. LinkedIn Company Profile Caption:


Conservatism in Recruitment is a Risk for Innovation - Learn How You can Fully Leverage the Global Talent Market

Explore the limitations of conservatism in recruitment and learn how to leverage the global talent market fully. Break free from traditional practices and embrace calculated risks to inject fresh perspectives and drive innovation within your organization. Discover the resources and strategies Heron Talent provides to optimize your hiring process and attract exceptional talent.


Coffee's for Closers Only - Unleashing the Value of Top Sales Professionals in Economic Downturns

In the ever-changing sales landscape, economic downturns present challenges and opportunities. As businesses face uncertain times, the role of top sales professionals becomes increasingly critical. Like the iconic line from the movie "Glengarry Glen Ross," where coffee is reserved for closers, these exceptional individuals possess the skills and mindset to thrive amidst economic turbulence.


Firing your employees in the Digital Age - How to Make Tough Decisions for Team Success

Discover effective strategies for managing employee underperformance in a turbulent economy. Learn how to make tough decisions, debunk misconceptions about firing, and drive team success. Explore our comprehensive guide now!


The Power of Interview Scorecards: Unlocking Hiring Success

Command your hiring process with the strategic application of interview scorecards. Grasp the concept, master the scoring techniques, and appreciate the openness in feedback. Elevate your recruitment strategy with Heron Talent's free CandidateFit Rating Framework. Reach out to Heron Talent today and be a part of the innovative recruitment movement.


The New LinkedIn Recruiter: Harnessing AI for Enhanced Candidate Engagement

LinkedIn's new AI-powered messaging automation is the focus of our exploration. Dive into the profound transformation of recruitment processes through the lens of AI-Assisted Messages. Unearth how artificial intelligence is redefining candidate engagement, expediting placements, and charting the future of the recruitment industry, with expert insights from Heron Talent, a pioneer in digital recruitment.


Job Hopping: Myth or Deal-Breaker? Hear It from Hiring Managers!

We explore the reasons behind job hopping and address concerns from the perspective of employers who are worried about the potential advantages and drawbacks of this phenomenon. We'll also discuss the impact on job hoppers, considering factors like job hopping for more money or changing careers in your 30s. As we reveal the truth behind this employment trend, we'll also discuss the role of tech and digital recruiting agencies in today's job market.


How to Make a Job Offer They Can't Refuse – HR Training for Winning Top Talent

Attracting and retaining top talent is critical to any organization's success. In today's competitive job market, knowing how to present a job offer, negotiate salary, and close the deal can make all the difference in securing the best candidates for your team. This video is packed with valuable insights and tips that will empower hiring managers to make the right decisions and excel in their roles.


Attracting Top Talent with a Standout Job Description: The Ultimate Guide

Learn how to create engaging and effective job descriptions to attract top talent. Follow our guide and download our comprehensive asset for success.


The Impact of AI and Automation on the Future of Work: Unleashing Opportunities and Overcoming Challenges with Insights from WEF's Future of Work 2023 Report

Discover insights from WEF's Future of Work 2023 report and learn how AI and automation are transforming the work landscape, unleashing opportunities and challenges for businesses and professionals.


Defining the Role of a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) - Heron Talent

Explore the key responsibilities of a Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), challenges in defining the role, and essential skills and traits for hiring managers.


Why Every Company Needs a Chief ESG Officer - The Key to Sustainable Business

In today's business world, it's more important than ever to have a Chief ESG Officer. Here's why: Hiring a Chief ESG Officer can help your company send a public signal of future-proof business operations while actually realizing that goal. By hiring an experienced sustainability executive, you can also keep your business thriving and growing in the long run.


How to make a job offer they can’t refuse

Just 81% of successful candidates accept the job offer. For highly sought-after ones, that rate is lower. How to secure your first choice? Make an offer they can't refuse.


Create an interview scorecard for better hiring decisions

Want to make better hiring decisions? Making the wrong hiring decision can be costly - as much as 30% to 50% of their salary. The answer is to create an interview scorecard to make more objective decisions and become a better interviewer over time.


How to Recruit Better: A Step-by-Step Guide

Unlock your company’s hiring potential with this step-by-step guide to designing the optimal recruitment process.


13 Female-led Resources that Will Empower your Career

Looking for advice on making a big career move, asking for what you want or doing what you love? Check out the top podcasts, books & talks by women, for women.


5 Asynchronous Communication Tools and Tips for Remote Teams

Are tools our new workplace? While technology isn’t the solution for everything, it plays a vital role in helping us communicate, collaborate and connect.


The art of negotiating a job offer

When negotiating a job offer, you want to walk away with more. The secret? Instead of seeing your counterpart as your adversary, consider them an ally.


Finnish work culture: 6 weird things that are normal in Finland

Are you considering relocating to Finland? Be fully prepared for Finnish work culture by getting to know the top things that make working life different.


What hiring managers think of job hopping

While a job change can be a tool for self-discovery and growth, continued job hopping isn’t sustainable in the long run. But how much job hopping is too much?


What’s the use of AI in recruiting?

HR leaders must look towards new ways to improve the hiring process and win the talent war. Is AI the answer?


The 8 HR and recruitment trends that will shape 2023

In 2023, HR leaders will lead the upheaval of traditional recruitment processes to secure the skill and talent needed to thrive. Are these trends on your list?


Will the Head of Remote continue trending in 2023?

With remote work here to stay, more organizations are calling for an appointed leader dedicated to effectively managing a distributed team.


Why some growth-driven companies are choosing all-remote

Many leaders think remote work is problematic but are willing to compromise to retain and attract workers. Is it worth it?


5 things to know before accepting a job offer in Finland

Are you considering working in Finland? Check out the top 5 things every expat wished they knew before accepting a job offer and moving to Finland.


Salaries - should they be visible?

Many companies are reluctant to adopt pay transparency. Are their worries justified? The findings may surprise you.


There’s a new title in the C-suite - is the Chief ESG Officer here to stay?

The Chief ESG Officer title hasn't been around for long, it's already being welcomed by big-name companies. Will yours follow suit?


How to Find the Right Job - A Recruiter’s Personal Tips

Looking to take the next step in your career? Get insider insights on how to tap into the hidden job market, get noticed and land your dream role.


If your hiring process isn’t working, here’s why

In today's world, candidates make employment decisions on more than compensation. Stay on top of these hiring trends to start recruiting top talent.


The future of work trends

Despite evidence that employee productivity is higher among remote employees, will some leaders ask their employees return to the office full-time in 2023?


Best practices for skill-based hiring

With a few simple changes, skills based approach to hiring can help organizations make the right hiring decisions. Are you ready to put skill first?


Should you hire for culture fit?

Why do top organizations care about company culture? Quite simply, it is directly related to success.


Why you should hire for skill, not experience

What can your company do to attract the right talent? It starts with a few simple changes to your hiring practices. Skills-based hiring is 107% more effective.


Finland’s skills shortage - and how to solve it

Breaking geographic barriers can unlock more opportunities for more people in Finland, and outside of it - helping to fill immediate skills gaps.


Boost your LinkedIn profile in 6 steps

No matter how well you do your job, if you can't communicate your value you'll find it hard to move forward. Get seen and attract more job offers in 6 steps.