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Boost your LinkedIn profile in 6 steps

With over 830 million members in more than 200 countries, it’s clear why LinkedIn is the tool of choice for 99% of recruiters. But with so many people to choose from, seven seconds is all you get to impress. A well-crafted LinkedIn profile makes the difference between being noticed or neglected. Follow these LinkedIn optimization steps to get featured at the top of searches and attract more job offers.  

1. Get found with the right keywords

Get more profile views and attract better job opportunities with the right keywords. Choose 3-5 job descriptions for positions that match your profile. Scan the description for industry-specific keywords and list the ones relevant to your experience. Review and rewrite your experiences using those relevant keywords to get featured more in LinkedIn search results.

2. Know why you exist

No matter how hard you work or how well you do your job, if you can't communicate your value you'll find it hard to move forward. Everyone knows what they do, some know how they do it, but very few know why. Captivate potential employers and stand out from the crowd with a compelling story. Put your Why Story in your LinkedIn summary to capture immediate interest.

3. Build credibility

Recommendations and endorsements act as social proof and can give your recruiter a better overview of your experiences. Ask industry professionals you've worked with for personal recommendations. Establish credibility by listing awards, honors, accomplishments or any other form of recognition that’ll raise your reputation.

4. Speak to your future employer

Rewrite your summary like you’re speaking directly to a hiring manager or potential employer. Think about the problem your target audience faces and describe how you can solve them. Highlight your core skills in the summary and in each role - the clearer your skillset, the more high-quality offers you’ll get from recruiters.

5. Activate your audience

Activate your audience with a Call-To-Action that tells them what they should do next. For example, ‘Get in touch to find out how I can help you boost your LinkedIn profile and get noticed.

6. Polish your profile

LinkedIn is all about branding. Ensure you’re communicating the right messages - both visually and through text with these profile optimization tips:

  • Make an impression with a professional headshot - don’t forget to make your profile picture visible to the public!
  • Rewrite your LinkedIn headline to include 2-3 key competencies and a unique value proposition (think like you’re a brand with a tagline)
  • Boost your search ranking by adding keywords to your summary and each role - LinkedIn is the biggest search engine for recruiters
  • Personalize your LinkedIn banner image with a simple, crisp photo that supports your personal brand
  • Show your value with rich media such as videos, presentations, podcasts or a link to your website
  • Prove your worth with at least one recommendation for each role you’ve worked in and ask a connection to endorse you for the skills you possess
  • Tell people you’re open to new opportunities by using the ‘open to work’ for recruiters only - that way your current employer won’t see it
A screenshot of LinkedIn's open to opportunities

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