Frequently asked questions

Questions asked by companies

What's your focus area? 

Heron Talent is a specialist recruitment agency for digital talent. We recruit experts and leaders in Sales and Business Development, Digital Marketing and eCommerce, Data Science and Analytics, and Product Creation and Management. We also specialize in Executive Search for Digital Business Leaders. 

What's your timeline?

Most of our clients work to tight deadlines. Depending on our client’s availability to interview, we typically place talent within 8-12 weeks. We know how to find the right candidate quickly thanks to our extensive network of digitally-talented professionals. 

What's your process?

After completing the Search Agreement, we’ll start by asking you a few questions. We want to understand your company inside-out so we can talk like we're a part of it. Your dedicated recruitment agent will ask you about the role, skills needed, company culture and fit. They'll also collaborate with you to write a job description and create a compelling story to attract the brightest minds. 

We offer two search solutions: 

1. Active Search

We proactively source and approach candidates, working our targeted network acquired from over 20 years of experience in global sales, opening new client opportunities and markets. 

2. Hybrid Search

Hybrid Search offers the best of both worlds. We use our own network, plus our client's network, to attract candidates actively searching for a new job and capture the interest of those currently not looking. We do this by proactively approaching potential candidates while also promoting the job opportunity through our client’s digital channels, as well as our own. All applications are directed to Heron Talent’s candidate funnel, where they’re qualified by a recruitment agent. 

Once the most suitable candidates are identified, we'll continue to manage the recruitment process until the right fit is found. We’ll conduct screening interviews, create a shortlist, schedule interviews with selected candidates, provide feedback to both parties and inform non-selected candidates. 

Do you follow GDPR?

Heron Talent recruitment agency follows GDPR regulations and best practices when collecting and storing personal information. We use a GDPR-compliant ATS (applicant tracking system) and always ask for consent when collecting and processing candidate or employer information. 

How extensive is your network?

We have a well-connected and growing network across specialist digital recruitment areas in the USA, UK, Germany and Nordic countries.

What's your pricing model?

We believe in simplicity. We've worked hard to create an easily digestible pricing model that consists of a fixed search fee and a contingent success fee. Get in touch with one of our recruitment consultants to learn more. 

What companies have you worked with?

We've placed people into leading roles at Vaisala, Reaktor, PwC, SOK, Nordea, Starship Technologies and more. Check out our client testimonials to see what others have to say.

Questions asked by candidates

I was approached about an opportunity - when will I hear from you?

Our recruitment consultants may approach you to discuss a potential opportunity. During the initial screening interview, we'll discuss the role details, your career aspirations and suitability for the job. We’ll then present a shortlist to the Hiring Manager, who will choose which candidates to interview. If selected, we’ll set up an interview with the Hiring Manager. After the interview, our recruitment consultants will be in touch with feedback and the next steps.

I was approached for an opportunity - do you need my CV?

Yes, our recruitment consultant will need a copy of your CV for the interview. Make a lasting impression by updating your CV and ensuring it's in the best shape. Fancy a CV makeover? Try our CV Maker tool to make sure you stand out.

What information can you provide about an opportunity/employer?

Our recruitment consultants may contact you to discuss a potentially suitable role. During the preliminary interview, your recruitment consultant will tell you more about the role, key requirements, salary range, organization and company culture. 

What are your top tips for finding my dream job?

Are you looking for your dream job? We recommend optimizing your LinkedIn profile, utilizing your network to find new opportunities, getting a mentor to guide your professional path and considering a dedicated agent to manage your career. Get in touch with a recruitment consultant to discuss career advice, your target salary and aspirations.

How do I optimize my LinkedIn profile?

Are you getting noticed on LinkedIn? As a recruiter, we know what works and what doesn't. Discover our tips and tricks for landing a new job (insert a link to a blog post) for optimizing your LinkedIn profile. 

I'm a freelancer - how do I find interesting work?

Whether you're searching for a temporary work opportunity or looking for a regular gig, landing sought-after freelance projects that match your skills and preferences isn't easy. Send us your portfolio and tell us what makes you tick - we’ll make it happen.